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Items like lamps and ballasts have materials in them that are especially harmful when they make it to a landfill. Specially designed recycling receptacles and programs are available for lamps and ballasts. Talk to HNA...we can help!


Flashlight, Streamlight, Sport, Alkaline, LED, Nylon Polymer, Orange, Dimensions 9.9 x 5.8 x 2.6 Inch, Alkaline Battery
Survivor® Flashlight
Adhesive, Loctite 242, Threadlocker, Container Size 10 Milliliter Bottle, 10 Minute (Fixture), 24 Hour (Full), 1200/5000 cP Thixotropic, Gap Fill 0.006 Inch, 110 Inch Pound Break, 43 Inch Pound Prevail, Blue, -65 to 300 Degree F
Tape Measure, Stanley, General Purpose, Power Return, Blade Length 30 Foot, Blade Width 1 Inch, Graduations Top Edge 1/16 Inch, Graduations Bottom Edge 16ths, Specialized Marking Stud Markings Every 16 and 19.2 Inch, Metallic, ABS, Steel, Yellow
PowerLock® Tape Rule
Degreaser, Crystal Simple Green, Industrial Strength Cleaner, No Added Scent, Container Size 1 Gallon
Crystal Simple Green®


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